Acclimation, to the Weather and Much More

As the weather has been dropping, I've been warming up to NYC. It always takes me a solid two or three months to really acclimate to a new place and I constantly have to remind myself of that. I'm an impatient and restless soul, the worst combination. I've been running around like a mad woman, going to fairs for work, learning a new job, meeting new people, traveling a bit, already shedding some tears over a couple guys (I know, right?), but overall keeping an open heart and open mind to LIFE.

I'm proud of my impatient, restless self for realizing that there is an acclimation process to every new story--the period in which you are introduced to the setting, the characters, and the overall disposition of the heroine. And, boy, does she have an adventurous disposition. These bright eyes only see possibilities when thinking of what may come with the next turn of the page.

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