Favorite Thing Thursday

1. Master of None

Binge watched this in one (lazy Sun)day. This show is everything and a must-watch. Aziz, you're on my good list this year for creating a show both relevant in topics of race and relationships while also being hilarious at the same time! Watch the first episode and you'll be hooked--it's available on Netflix.

2. Going to Vegas for Work, of All Things

My job is sending all us advisors to Vegas for a work conference next week. I'm not sure of the percentage of work to play there will be, but I'm all for a trip to the strip!

3. Fall in New York 

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If you've been following my instagram of late, you'll have noticed that I'm obsessed with the changing leaves on the trees here. OBSESSED. I heart autumn!!

And you?? What were some of your faves this week?? 

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