A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

I'm not the biggest Star Wars fan (Star Trek reigns supreme, ok?). However, I enjoyed this, mostly due to the main character, Rey, who wasn't a helpless little lady, but a self sufficient heroine who kicked some major ass. Throw in BB8, the cutest little robot, and that makes this Star Wars one of the best and something you should see on the big screen.

2. The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne is trying to nab all the Best Actor awards...AND SUCCEEDING. The film is beautiful overall, as is Eddie's performance as the first transgender woman (as well the supporting actress, Alicia Vikander, a recent favorite of mine). I will say the plot was predictable and the ending left me wanting something better, something not so CLICHE; however, the entire film is most definitely worth a watch, although you don't need to be in theaters to watch it.

3. Joy

Odd film, but to be expected from the same director who created Silver Linings Playbook, among other strange films. Joy is not his best, but I will say the story is fascinating (especially because it's based on a true story). Also, end rant: I like Jennifer Lawrence, but when is she going to play anything else besides herself (it's time for a more challenging role, J Law)?

4. Carol

Does Cate Blanchett ever have an off performance? I'm pretty sure she's one of the ultimate queens of acting, as she proves yet again here in this tale of a lesbian relationship in the 50s. Overall, I liked it a lot but wanted just a little more development of the relationship between Cate and Mara--not the fault of the actresses, but the script.

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