Here's Looking at You, 2016

I'm excited for 2016. This is because 2015 was the year I got off my sorry ass and finally moved out of San Diego.

San Diego is not a dead end for most; it's beautiful in it's simplicity. For me, there comes a time when you know--YOU JUST KNOW--that you have outgrown a place. I had known for years, but still tried to hang onto some remnants of San Diego I loved. My family and friends were really the only things keeping me there.

However, what everyone learns (at some point in their lives) is that living an unauthentic existence simply because you don't want to hurt other people only does a disservice to everyone. The mind, the body, the spirit all become depressed pretending to love a life you're not actually connected to. When you start feeling like a shell of a person, you are no longer enriching anyone's lives, especially your own.

And so, as most of you know, I packed up and moved to New York City on a complete whim. The past 4 months have been a whirlwind in the City. There's been an adjustment period--a time for building community and getting used to this new life. There have been nights where I have asked myself if I made a mistake, and mornings where I brushed off my doubts as growing pains. It's all part of the process, and I am a big believer in the quote that "the process is the result." I am already a changed person from all of four months ago.

Moving into a new year, I couldn't help but make a resolution list to continue my process of growing, living, and learning. So here we are, my Resolutions for 2016:

1. Visit one New Landmark in NYC Each Week. New York is HUGE and slightly overwhelming. I want to see it all and sometimes am unsure of where to start. I started making a list of things I must see to conquer them all. One landmark a week is certainly doable.

2.  Travel. Attempt to save up and take a trip to London and Berlin in late spring (HOPING I can swing this one). Go to Boston for St. Paddy's Day. Visit Philly in early March (this one is happening for sure).

3. Continue to Grow at my Job. I waited so loooooong to get this position. As I was adjusting to a new city, I was also adjusting to a new job. I'm doing well, but I really want to start to SHINE in my new role. This involves perfecting and organizing my daily schedule to maximize my time and energy.

4. Meet More People in the City. I already have a solid community in NYC, but I want to continue making more friends! This may include joining a club/league/something.

5. Write Down What I'm Thankful For EACH Day. Life gets hectic anywhere; life in NYC is hectic x1000. If I don't take the time to appreciate what I have everyday, I'll miss it all. To add to this, I wanna get back in the swing of blogging...so a post once a week (at least) is my goal.

I'm excited for 2016, and I am excited to live this life. Who says you need to slow down at 30?! Not this lady.

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