My NYC Bucket List: Empire State Building and Xmas Tree in Rockefeller Center

I did two big classic NYC things in the past month. First off...the other night, I was walking with my buddy, David, and we both realized we had not been up to the Empire State Building since living here. There was no real line to get up there, so we thought, "Why not?"

The view from the ESB is the stuff movies are made of (uhhhh, Sleepless in Seattle, for instance?). So, whilst up there, I channeled my best Meg Ryan, but alas, my Tom Hanks never came for me. Maybe next time.

The other classic New York-y thing I had to check off my list? One very famous tree in one very famous center. Oh Christmas tree, you were surely delightful. I don't think this picture truly shows you how huge this tree is, but at least you get to see how very beautiful it is!

And with that, I ✓✓ two off my list! 

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