A Three Sentence Movie Review

1. Brooklyn

In Theaters
I saw it twice in theaters and I'll gladly proclaim it the movie of the year. This is a film with well-developed characters, top-notch acting, and a true focus on human emotion--I couldn't expect anything less from a screenplay written by Nick Hornby, the writer of High Fidelity. If you've ever moved away from your hometown, especially to a different country, you will connect with this film so fervidly you will surely be brought to tears, just as my friend and I were, sobbing in our seats as the credits rolled.

2. Making a Murderer

On Netflix
SPOILER: I'm not so convinced of the clear agenda of this documentary--that Steven Avery is innocent. I was, however, horrified by the events that led Brendan into prison, and I think it's a travesty that a young life is wasting away due to (in my opinion) unlawful practices by a clearly corrupt police force. Whatever way you lean, this is an interesting and compelling look into the theory that, yes, it's not so difficult to be framed; a chilling thought indeed.

3. You're Not You

On Netflix
Worth a watch because of the two lead ladies and their excellent acting. Hillary Swank plays a woman who is diagnosed with ALS, and her once perfect life starts to slowly dissolve around her, except that she becomes best buds with angsty Bec (Emmy Rossum). Not as touching as Tuesdays with Morrie, but still gets you in the feels.

4. World of Tomorrow

On Netflix
Only 17 minutes long, and a bit strange at first, but you NEED TO WATCH THIS. I didn't know a little cartoon could uplift me in under a half hour, but this sure did. After watching, you'll no longer fall in love with rocks.

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