11 Years (A Blogiversary Post)

Tomorrow--Feb 15th--marks my 11-year blogiversary.

When I started this blog, I was a sophomore at San Diego State University and a mere 19-years-old.

OLD PHOTO ALERT!!! I look like a baby. A sorority baby, that is.

I'm now 30 and have lived in London and moved to New York within that 11 year time frame. I've completed both a Bachelor's and Master's degree. I've had over 8 jobs since that time, including working at an oppressive smoothie shop, being an after-school teacher with adorable kiddos, taking a job as a copy editor, and most recently, landing a career that I love as undergraduate advisor for international education (a cause I can get behind).

All I can say is...wow, life. I don't think 19-year-old Ashley knew what was going to come in the next 11 years, but she couldn't have dreamed it all up, anyway.

I took this photo the other night at my friend's bday party, and I realized I no longer look like a baby.

There's experience and life behind those eyes, now. About 11 years worth.

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