My NYC Bucket List: My First Blizzard

About a month ago, I experienced my first ever blizzard. It wasn't freezing so much as it was...er, challenging. Waking up to the blizzard, I had NO INTENTIONS of even going outside. I had my french cookies, and my cup of coffee, and I was content with watching the madness from the window.

But then, my Chicagoan roommate forced me to go outside. I get abused here often, folks. 

Nah, just kidding. It was a ***winter wonderland*** outside! 

Venturing outside was pertinent; we were on a mission to get some wine for our day inside. It was all for survival, guys. A video of the journey: 

We returned to safety just in time to plug in the Christmas lights, make pancakes, and pour the bubbly. 

And so I ✓ my first NYC blizzard off my list! 

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