Favorite Thing Thursday

Lately, my favorite things have been:

1. My Two-Week Stay in California

It's been a relaxing 2 week stay in the Golden State. I'll do a full post on this later, but sometimes California is just the perfect antithesis to NYC.

2. New Haircut (I Got Bangs) 

Sporting a new springy do.

3. This Dry Shampoo

This is the **best** dry shampoo I've ever tried! I managed to get through 4 days without shampooing--magnificent! Sephora sells a travel size if you wanna give it a go.

4. San Diegan Mexican Food

 No other city in the US comes relatively close to San Diego Mexican food. The slight doughy-ness to the tortilla, the perfected hot sauce, the ambiance of a well-worn taco shop--this is San Diego at it's absolute best. 

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