My NYC Bucket List: The Metropolitan Opera

About a month ago, I checked off a longtime bucket list item--going to the Opera. What better place to see the Opera than a major metropolis, such as New York City?

I went with one of my besties, Christian, who is up for any and all art-related activities (if it makes him cry, BONUS POINTS).

We started the night with some naughty and indulgent food: grilled cheese and...WAIT FOR IT...Opera Cake. Yeah, this little guy was called Opera Cake and we couldn't resist, dammit! 

After our bellies were full of expensive cheese and chocolate, we made our way to the Met to see Madama Butterfly.

Obviously I didn't take photos of the performance, but isn't this modern space just lovely?

I am going to provide you with the promotional video for Madama Butterfly, because it's BREATHTAKING:

Going to the Opera in NYC will forever be a very cosmopolitan moment in my life. I'll tell the kids one day, "Mom used to do fun, cultured things!" Well, I don't plan on ever stopping doing fun, cultured things.

And so I ✓ this one off the list!

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