London, You've Still Got It

It's no secret on this here blog that I adore London. So I won't bore you with love letters about the city. This trip was not so much about me, but about showing off London to two guys--one who had never been (Christian), and one who had been and didn't care much for the city (David). I was on a mission to show them my London--all the places in LDN that are dear to me, and that I miss the most.

 On the first (stormy) day we went to my favorite pub (The Dove) situated on the river. 

The following the day, the boys were *blessed* with a gorgeous sunny day--ALL DAY.

Christian was particularly fond of the fashion scene in London, and started to call America "so uncivilized." HAHAHA--I'VE SHOWN HIM THE LIGHT!

I made them try Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars (the BEST). And took them by the most grand, amazing sights in London. Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower) is a sight I never tire of. It's beautiful, and it's a representation of London. It's my tradition to take a picture of Ben every time I'm in London town:

The next day, I showed the guys my old home, Richmond. Laura, my ol' bestie in London, met up (do older readers remember her?) 

 My other good friend, Tim, popped over that night for some pints and laughter.

I can now happily report that Christian is in love with London and David now likes the city he once hated. My work here is complete!

But London, I wasn't ready to leave you yet! Until next time...

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