What's Happenin' (June and July)?

1. The month of June was really good for me. A major thinking month. A major growing month. A big part of that had to do with #2 on this list.

2. Going to Turkey was the best thing for my soul in a very long time. It had been 5 years since I was in Turkey. My trip was nothing short of magical. I remembered all the things I love about the country that introduced me to travel. I felt at ease and in my element once again. There's something about Turkey that seeps into the veins, the best kind of drug. Being in Turkey made me realize that London is not the only place I can love this much. Thus, going to Turkey has helped me embrace NYC in ways I was unable to before. I feel 100% ready now to do some LIVING.

I will write a post about the attacks and my time in Turkey later, but for now, I wanted to just talk about how it is the center of my heart. Turkey, thanks for saving me, yet again.

3. July will be a month to have some summer fun in NYC, arguably the best season in the citayyyyy. I have some fun plans revolving around picnics, concerts, boat rides, possible weekend trips to a nearby beach, and just general embracing of life. Being in the sun, breathing deep, drinking coffee--basically all the best stuff.

4. Music is a big part of me. I went to a free Blink 182 concert presented by Good Morning America:

With David at the Blink concert at 7am. Nostalgia is worth the early wake up time. 

I've also been digging these artists lately:

Grace: an Amy Winehouse reincarnate. Only 19. Has some growing to do but she's pretty damn good as is. Oh, and she's Aussie, so her cute accent comes through sometimes. 

Years & Years: Electronica group from London. Smooth dance music with catchy-as-all-hell hooks. CAN'T STOP LISTENING. 


That's the gist of what's been going on around here. What's been going on with you?!? 

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