I'm Shipping Up to Boston!

If you are friends with me on social media, then you know I have announced I am moving...


I first fell in love with Boston about 2 years ago. It was a lovely June trip with perfect weather and a spontaneous Red Sox game thrown in the mix--I was sold.

When I first moved east for my job (also about 2 years ago) I was allowed to pick what city I wanted to live in; however, Boston already had two advisors residing in it, so I knew I'd have to choose a different city to call my own. Having visited New York before, I went full force NYC.

It's been a crazy challenging two years in the biggest American city. I've been torn to pieces, a typical story for all that have come to live here. Tired, torn, challenged to the max, and ready to relax, I had a talk with my boss about moving to another city. I had Boston on the mind, but knew I needed to visit for a longer stay. I chose March for my visit, knowing the weather wouldn't be INSANELY cold, but also wouldn't be terribly comfortable. The week I stayed, I got hit with freezing temps, a blizzard, and crazy winds...


I got in on a Friday, and announced I was moving to Boston by Tuesday. Not even a full week had passed and I knew it was my home.

I'll have a lot to write about Boston in coming months, but until then, I'll enjoy my time left in NYC. Actually, I don't have a lot of time left, as my travel schedule goes as follows:

April 1-4: Miami for a Bachelorette
April 4-13: NYC
April 13-16: New Orleans for a Wedding
April 16-26: San Diego to visit home :)
April 26-May 2: NYC
May 2-June 6: London, Northern England, Wales, Amsterdam, France (ooohhhhhh yeahhhhh)
June 6-August 15th: NYC

NYC, you and I have less than 3 months left. We'll make the most of it, you crazy sonofabitch! (I can never say that you're not fun).

Mostly, I'm looking forward to changes. I'm looking forward to a healthier lifestyle. I'm looking forward to a life unfolding the way I choose.

I wrote this blog post after I first visited 2 years ago: 


You have joined the ranks of Cities I AdoreCities I Would Live In, and any other love list I can make for cities. You've got beauty, you've got style, you've got history, and you've got that sexy attitude. Clearly the full package, I can't help but wonder if I will indeed live in you one day. Like Rome, London, New York, and other cities I keep close to my heart, you are a new favorite I will dream of on the rough days, my beautiful muse...

Until We Meet Again,
Ashley xoxo


Looks like I'm shipping up to Boston.

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