Catch Me If You Can (Current Travels and Future Goals)

Good day, bloggers.

I've been a busy, busy lady. I've been traveling up a storm! I started with a week in London, and now I'm currently sitting in Derbyshire, pictured above. Not a bad view, eh? It could be worse (wink).

I've not just been traveling, I have been work traveling. This is just as exhausting as it is exciting, but it's so worth it. Somedays I pinch myself to make sure it's all real. I remember when I used to sit in an office, day after day, bored out of my mind, wishing I could literally jump on any plane I saw flying overhead. Now I'm actually sitting on said planes. While I often miss the camaraderie found in the office environment, I wouldn't trade my jet-setting, train-hopping ways for anything.

I revel in the realization that the things you really want from life will come to you if you work hard enough and you believe it will actually happen.

The next chapter of my life will soon find me in Boston, where I finally feel open and ready to finding a true partner in travel (a.k.a. Ashley's ultimate love interest). I don't talk about love often on this blog, but I feel the stars aligning in a way that tells me I'm ready for a certain stage in my life. I think timing plays a huge role in a good love story, so I feel happy writing these words out loud: for the first time in my life, I feel completely open, ready, and willing to go for love. Meaning, like all good things, I'm ready to put in the work towards this goal, and I believe it exists. That's a lot to say for the latest of bloomers!

But you better believe, he's got to be just as much of a traveler as me :)

For now, you'll catch me in the Lake District, Wales, Amsterdam, and France, if you can even catch me at all.

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