The 10,000 Hour Rule

I've been reading a book called Outliers which touches on the idea of the 10,000 hour rule. This rule states to become an expert at something you must practice it 10,000 hours. Obviously, musical instruments and sports come to mind, but this can be applied to anything.

On my flight back to the States a few days ago, I talked about the book with a guy next to me and he asked "What have you done for 10,000 hours?"

I thought for a second and realized that the answer is writing. This blog has singlehandedly prompted me to write up a storm for a good 12 years. 12 YEARS I'VE HAD THIS BLOG. 

I've not written as much the last two years--the entire time I've been in New York City. Unfortunately, that shows me how New York City suppresses my creative energy. It's also the amount of years I've been full time at my job, so I've also just been BUSY.

I'm slowly inching my way back into the joy of writing as it's something that releases anxiety and brings clarity to my life--it's a form of meditation for me. I feel a tad rusty, but it's already feeling great hearing that 'tap tap tap' on the keyboard. It's a reminder to make time for the things you love, a.k.a., the things you are willing to practice for 10,000 hours. If all of a sudden you've stopped practicing something you've invested that much time in, things may be off balance, and it's time to take restock of how you spend your day.

As I've spent the last 2 months on the road, I now think it's time to write write write all the thoughts, experiences, and conclusions floating around in my head. Hello writing, it's me again, Ashley!

What have you practiced for 10,000 hours? 

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