Beginnings in Boston

Boston has been pretty good to me so far. I've been able to relax more and get out of the extreme city mode that is NYC. I still live in a rather city-esque part of Boston called the North End:

It's a cute little Italian area that is sometimes overrun by annoying tourists (says the girl who moved here a month ago). I love all the cafes, pizza places, and delicious delis around me (note to self: do not get fat).

By far, my favorite thing about my new place is the best rooftop view in the city:

I'll sit up here, sometimes for hours, and take in this scene. I have to before winter kicks in! (gulp).

Boston is the 3rd new city I've moved to, so I feel like I've done this before. I understand my emotions a lot more this time around. At the month mark, I always get a tad mopey. It's always the mark where there is a realization of "oh! I'm living here. It's not a vacation, it's life." Then, I always get over it and carry on.

We're now at the happy carrying on phase, and I think I'm doing more than carrying on--I'm creating a pretty great life here.

This is my beginning in Boston.

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