My Guided Meditation

My friend Andres challenged me to write a guided meditation plan. I struggle with meditation, so this wasn't too easy for me. However, what I've come to realize is that writing is truly my mediation.

So here it is:

Preferably you are on your rooftop, because it’s a total zen spot for you. Take a deep breath. Breathe in life and let it sit in your lungs. You are alive, and that is miraculous. Take a few breaths and meditate on this thought. Really let it sink in that today is for living, and you are an amazing living being made of stars and cosmic dust. Breathe out any stress or frivolous thoughts that are weighing on your mind.

Now get out your pen, because this is how you truly meditate. Write about what’s on your mind until you figure out the way to go. Writing always leads you to an answer, and you’ve always known that.

After you write out your thoughts, take a few minutes more to relish in the fact that you are a beautiful thing. Close your eyes. Connect to the universe and be glad you are a part of it. Let happiness and warmth take over your body. Let love pour into your heart while you continue breathing in life, breathing out stress.

Open your eyes and start your day, for you have connected to life before diving into everyday stresses.

**alternative quick route: Blast I’m Every Woman, the Whitney version, and dance your ass off to it knowing it’s ALL true. Go about your day.

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