I just can't let go of this blog

In the height of blogdom, maybe around 2009 (give or take a few years) we were living the life. The blog communities were vast and rich, and there was this real feeling of making something. Some of us were wannabe writers, or wannabe photographers, or even wannabe moguls. But we were really making something, even if just for each other.

Somewhere along the way instagram took over and was more, well, instant. It was easier to post in the palm of your hand, and blogs started to die.

Although I'm on instagram a lot (man, it was an addiction for awhile) it's hard to deny that there's just something missing when it comes to the insta life. Instagram started in pure place, but has mostly become about advertising. This is not to say that blogs didn't do the same thing, but they didn't do it so drastically.

All this to say, I still have this space, and I'm hardly on it anymore, but I also can't let it go.

There's a feeling I miss about blogging. Maybe it's the time taken to create and write and edit a post that gives me a sense of calm. Maybe it's the feeling of ownership. As my friend Linda (whom I met through blogging) told me, "instagram is rented space, but you own your blog."

And that's just it. This is my little corner of the internet, and it's been an honest, embarrassing, amazing catalog of my life, starting from the first post in 2005. It can't be stolen, and it doesn't need hashtags. Honestly, there's never been another social media to truly replace blogs. And so the littleturkishgirl remains, forever a part of me, and forever a part of the internet.

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