The Answer Could Be Yes

This past week I did a big thing in my professional life. While I can't spill the beans on what it is just yet, I can tell you it involved me asking my boss a question I had been wanting to ask for years.

It's funny, when you hold onto words for that long, those words become a part of your body somehow. As I mustered up the strength to ask my boss the big question, I started welling up with tears--my body was having an emotional reaction to these words being spoken out loud, as if I was going through an amputation. 

To my delight, and my years of wondering and worrying and waiting, my boss's answer to the question was "Yes."

Yes? Did she say yes? Did I hear that right?

The next day she brought my question to the CEO and he said "Yes."

Words have a lot a power, but I didn't know my words had so much power. In speaking my truth, my secret, my innermost desire, I was met with a yes from my boss and the universe.

I still have hurdles to jump over before I reveal the big question, but my confidence is high that I can clear said hurdles. The purpose of this post is to simply say that the biggest hurdle was myself. Finally speaking those words gave me freedom. Even if the answer ended up being no, I still would have felt the same sweet freedom simply by speaking the truth.

So a lesson to you, dear reader: go for the big thing. Say the scary words. Free yourself from the weight of self-doubt, and keeping your inner most desires hidden. Free yourself from the fear of hearing a no. You might be so utterly wrong, because the answer could be yes.


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