Because You're F*cking Brave

Hey you. You're sitting there, often feeling so very tiny, but why?

It's time to remember who you are

YOU are the woman who takes the big chances even if you're scared shitless. You could be trembling in fear and you do the big thing anyway. 

You jump off the ledge. 
You pledge your feelings despite the sting of rejection. 
You venture into darkness because there might be an adventure somewhere in there. 
You switch cities even though it's terrifying
You live your heart's desires.  


And that’s it, my dear. The thing you haven’t said out loud to yourself. So congratulate yourself with it. Bathe in it. Adorn yourself with this word, because it is yours. Wear your many gold bracelets of bravery, standing tall as a goddamn warrior princess with your spear (it's a new vision of myself, and I'm feeling it). 

Keep on being so damn brave, for you know deep down your only real fear is regret.

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