fight for your right

I just want to leave this message for a friend, who will reamin nameless (cause she might cut my throat and wrists for good measure if I post her name). But this friend was brave today, really brave to stand up to someone who upset her. Really, I wish I had the guts.
I am the queen of avoiding confrontation. It's sad, but I rely on the internet (e-mails, instant messenger, etc.) for confrontational purposes. In person is just too scary, tone of voice is still highly evident over the phone. Basically, the internet is the least confrontational you can get. But what does that make me? Someone afraid to really live life and really confront people...that's not per say a good quality to have.
So, to my friend that stood up for her rights today, good job! You may laugh at this but I aspire to be like you. And I'm getting better at this whole "communication" thing everyday. Oh, and thanks for helping me declare my major today :). Life is stressful; but at least you didn't let yourself go unheard.


  1. thanks ashley. isnt it strange that we are/were comm majors and yet we're both horrible at communicating?

  2. yeah, we should both live in a hole or something. It would just be easier that way, huh?

  3. way easier. people are too complicated