Ready to Mingle

I'm sure you have all heard this song by now, but seriously, you need hear Adele sing live...smashing. Although the sound quality isn't great on these little internet videos, I still got chills from her voice. How can you go wrong with an artist that lists Ella Fitzgerald as one of her influences?

To change the subject to guys (which I've been talking about a lot lately, haha)...I found out that Rudy may be dating this other girl. At an event last night, his friends were teasing him that he was talking to his "girlfriend" on the phone. Eh, so you win some and you lose some.

All I know is, with all the new events I've been going to through my church, there's plenty of good looking new guys yet to be discovered.

I'm still having a good time living my life and just being me, without putting my self worth into a guy.


  1. I've been listening to Adele for the past two weeks straight! I love it.

  2. Are you still attending the Rock? If Yes, have you hit up remnant yet?

  3. felicia--heck yeah!!!

    jenna--is this jenna as in jenna s? :)

    Yeah! I go to 1825 ministries ALL week long...LOVE Them! It makes my week much more positive and happy! WHAT have you been up to...wedding right?

  4. Me no like female vocal artist. Me am man. Oog(eats banana and picks at gnats).

    That's one sexy voice she has. I am old, so I have never heard of her before. Time to shop i-Tunes!

  5. oddly enough, I really liked Rob's "Cosby sweater".

  6. If you want Rudy to be taken care of, I know a guy who knows a guy.

  7. sun--no, you're awesome! ;)

    anthony--for real?! You haven't heard of Adele? Ohhhh, you're gonna love her!

    toast--glad you caught that :)

    frankie--hahaha. Thanks. But I don't want him to die. I'll let you know if that changes...

  8. Yes, Jenna as in Jenna S. I still read you blog all the time. Well I was asking about Remnant because my future brother in law heads it up, his name is Bobby. But your life tends to be much more interesting than mine, all I do is work and wedding plan.

    Talk to you soon

  9. jenna--eh, my life is not that interesting...haha. I just try to make it sound interesting through my writing. But growing in my faith and participating in church has made life that much sweeter! Still going to the Flood? I'd like to go to a service sometime! think i could meet up with you?