Looks like the insurance thing turned out to be what I thought: something I DO NOT want to do! It was based on commissions and sales and all of that.

I don't know, I just want a job that I can be half-interested in, at least. Something that helps other people in some way. I don't want a job to be ALL about the cash flow. Yeah, I've established that I'm a gangsta, true. But I'm a thug of the heart.

Does that make sense? haha. I want a job that has some type of value in the world. Yeah, I wanna get paid, but I don't want to prostitute my mind, body and soul out for money. The mind and soul were made to be challenged in this life, not just become robotic all in attempt to have a bigger house or flashier car.

I'm getting huffy, so I digress...

to a topic about fashion! Project Runway to be exact (you don't have to read Frankie). LOOK AT THIS AMAZING DRESS. I wannnnnnnt it! (after I just talked about not loving material things, right?) But it's so beautiful!
I kind of overlooked Leanne in the beginning of the competition, but now I'm rooting for her. She creates beautiful garments that I can't help but admire! Plus, how can you not love that classic 30s glamour look?

Anyway, hope you all had a fine day today! With each day I grow wiser, stronger and more determined. Here's to all living the best life we can!



    so bad.

    I overlooked Leanne too, probably because she isn't as quirky and doesn't stand out as much as the other designers personalities do.

  2. Project Runway... *drifts off into some form of male induced coma.*

  3. Hey there, Mackavelli, ms. Thug of the Heart, I feel ya'.

    "Baby, are you still down" keeps floating through my head.

  4. There's nothing wrong with the insurance field. Everybody needs insurance, so you ARE helping people, as long as you are getting them coverage that's appropriate. Also, insurance is not so cut and dry. It is sort of a gateway into financial planning, which takes a LOT of skill and experience and is very valuable. For the right personality type, insurance can be very rewarding. Although there are a lot of scum bag insurance guys and so-called "financial advisors" running around out there, you can probably say the same thing about the proportion of a-holes at Walmart or any other given place.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with cash flow and making lots of dough, if it's in a field that's rewarding to you. It sounds like insurance is just not a good fit for you. But that does not mean that everybody in the insurance field is selling their mind and soul for money. They are just trying to make a living like everybody else. When someone dies and does not have proper insurance coverage, it is a sad thing. Death/accidents are tragic enough, but it sure makes things easier knowing that you had enough coverage to recover financially or avoid financial disaster.

  5. i made it back from that @$#%ing evacuation just in time to see stella get her ass kicked. something finally went right. :)

    and, how can you not like big fish. its wonderful isnt it?

  6. liz--right? We're on the same page :)

    jidai--haha, you can just skip over that part.

    anthony--we're both thugs of the heart.

    anonymous--I wasn't trying to make insurance companies into a scapegoat for all that is evil in the world. However, this particular insurance company did not seem rewarding to me.

    Do I think the insurance field has the ability to be rewarding? Possibly. Is it more rewarding than mentoring a child or writing an article that changes someone's world? I think not.

    That's my opinion.

    raindog--big fish is kickass. For the most part, you are my movie soulmate.

  7. Huh. Insurance is important, especially if you believe in what you are doing, and are good at it.

  8. I was going to warn you about that insurance job, but didn't want to get you down!! Working for an insurance company is like working for the devil herself!

  9. I don't disagree with anything anon says above, but I'll also say most people 'fall into' the insurance field - as opposed to training/dreaming of it. I know I did. So if it doesn't appeal to you now, the money likely won't make it any better.

    Best of luck to you in whatever you choose to do. I suspect you'll be great at it....

  10. I LOVE that jacket! And I love PR - love love love PR!

  11. I realize the dress is old, but I totally had to chime in... I fully agree w/ you on Leanne! I thought she and Jennifer were the same - having weird/bad hair cuts - but it turn out that Leanne is creating some amazing things! I mostly loved the jacket, but I think one of 2 designer pieces is pretty good considering how out there they can get. Speaking of out there... I must say that I was sad to see Blayne go! Although he is from Yakima, WA which is dangerously close to me, so he was sort of giving us podunk Washingtonians a bad name!