Who's That Girl

I'm kinda obsessed with this song...if you're a guy, you may not think it's anything special. But if you are female, the pressures of being perfect are still quite dominant in our culture. This song touches on that. AND, do you guys remember Robyn??? She released "Show Me Love" a gazillion years ago! Now she's edgier. And I LIKE it. Take a listen:

My favorite lyric in the song: The girls won't say no, Or ask you why. I won't let you love me, until you really try. :)


  1. Um, I used to have this CD and all my friends made major fun of me. And now she's apparently making some sort of comeback. I always knew I was on the cutting edge.

  2. Apparently you were! This song totally rocks!

  3. I remember Robyn. They're always making a big hullabaloo about her on Pitchfork Media, but I never paid much attention. I don't really follow Top 40 music too closely these days, but I take it she never caught on in the states?

    Decent song, though.

  4. Girl music... Shoe shopping... *drifts off*

  5. capricious--her name is Robyn and she's from Sweden. That's all I know, haha.

    scott--you're right, she never really caught on in the states. But she's great...I love the beat of this song.

    jidai--yes, yes. It's definitely a girly song. Would you like me to talk about football for you? :)