Le Sigh

It's so easy to get discouraged with this job hunt. Yes, even an optimistic girl like me has some pessimism in her. It's hard when you try really hard, yet don't yield any immediate results. However, I suppose that will make it more gratifying in the end.

It's hard to prove to all these places that I'm a great worker. Cause really, I am. But how can one prove that? Saying it doesn't do much. I do wish I would have focused more on getting internships in college. But why does everything always have to be done a certain way? I was so busy in school with all my activities and my job that I knew very well I couldn't handle an internship on top of that. Therefore, I did the sensible thing.

I just get a little antsy with all the waiting. I'm a girl of action...I don't like feeling stuck! Waiting just makes me nervous.

And so I sit here on the dock of the bay, waiting for the next fish to nibble on my bait, hoping that I make a great catch.


  1. buck up little camper. it's not all fun and games but it'll happen. just keep your eye on the prize...as they say.

  2. I know exactly how you feel. It will come though, and once you get it you'll probably wish you had that fabulous free time back!

  3. Hey girl, totally know what you're going thru... I'm afraid I just might be back in that line right there with you... thanks to the economy and the mortgage crisis... ugh!

  4. The real world can kiss my ass. It sucks getting a job. Why can't you just lounge on the beach all day?

    I hope you get a job soon, buddy.