I'm Late! For a Very Important Date!

I'm thinking of being the white rabbit for Halloween...I would just need a bow tie, rabbit ears, a red coat and of course, a pocket watch. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in a few years, actually. So when my friend Bethany said she was going to be Alice in Wonderland and I should accompany her, I brought up the idea of matching (this is what girls do, if you haven't figured that out).
This is not the first time that I would be dressing up as a character from Alice in Wonderland, by the way. A few years ago, my sorority had a date dance, and I dressed up as Tweedle Dum. Don't worry--I've never been one of those girls to go for the slutty costumes. I will not be a white rabbit whore.
Simply, the costume has to be creative. If only I could find a pocket watch that big. I guess you couldn't call it a "pocket" watch then.


  1. I'm sure flavor flave has some sitting around. Just buy a wall clock and attack a string. :P

  2. White rabbit whore. That's pretty funny.

  3. Go as the Queen of Heart....

    ...'s younger sister from Miami.

  4. I wonder what I should be this year.

  5. jidai beat me to it, just get a cheap wall clock at target or something and find some way to rig it up. either that or have some sweet and well deserved arts and crafts time and cut a clock out of some cardboard/construction paper and markers or something. more importantly, do you have access to a bunny costume.

    my plan is to go with the whole '70's era tennis player ala Johnny McEnroe. Think curly afro, head and wrist bands, white shorts and a wooden racket. For some reason short shorts and socks to the knee kinda equal hilarity to my. Plus, it gives me an excuse for just shouting service from time to time and sending tennis balls flying at the random bars and parties I am set to hit up come Halloween.

  6. and i thought i had my mind made up, but now suddenly i want to get a ridiculously large clock and hat and sport my best flav moves.

    and, ahem, what's up with the sporadic postings? *taps foot impatiently*

  7. haha...sorry raindog, I will try to get into shape for you!


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