The Great Outdoors

I haven't been around in the past week; sometimes I go through phases where I'm a little anti-internet. I'm sure you have, too. I think I spend too much time in front of glowing screens, and not enough outdoors. I should change that. So to celebrate some of the fun I've had in the past few weeks away from glowing screens, here are some pictures:

(also, i want to celebrate the fact that I bought My Big Fat Greek Wedding for only $5 yesterday. What a great buy!!)
I like hugging cute Norwegian boys at bars.
This picture cracks me up...this is my old roommate ali dancing with "imitation lance." (we thought he looked a little like Lance Bass). Imitation Lance was INSANE.
My "Zero" and I trying to make a zero with our hands, and failing miserably.

My nephew Brendan on the monkey bars, I had to take pictures!!

I'm glad I have friends that will pose for weird pictures with me :) This is the "Latin Gang" photo. Because I am obviously latin like these guys...

Flowers in a teapot, how cute! (this is at the Ivy in L.A.)

Frozen yogurt makes us happy.


  1. You look happy! Hope you're having fun!

  2. wow...really great outdoor activity..looks like you really had fun..

  3. i love my big fat greek wedding. hilarious movie.

  4. Frozen yogurt makes me happy too.

    Even more so if it's strawberry flavoured :)

  5. I suppose that guy is positioned a lot like Lance Bass would be on the dance floor.

  6. hahahaha...Jay, that was the best comment :)