Learn Something New Everyday

So, I was jokingly using the word debauchery today, not knowing EXACTLY what it meant. My friend said, "deba-what?"

I said, "Debauchery. Look it up fool." Just to make sure, I looked it up to make sure I was using it correctly. I was not.

1. a: extreme indulgence in sensuality b plural : orgies 2. archaic : seduction from virtue or duty

hahahaha! I did not know that debauchery had such a sexual meaning. I simply thought it had the same meaning as travesty or corruption. Just a tad different. Must be more careful about throwing it around.

That, my friends, is the word of the day.


  1. Dictionary version of debauchery:indulgence in sensual pleasures; scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition.

    Urban dictionary version and the way we use it: to lead astray morally; to corrupt someone or something. use to explain a wild gathering, or to basically explain how crazy something is.

    That last part is usually how I use debauchery like "man, class was a complete debauchary today, no one would shut up and the teacher had no clue what she was doing!" which happens often...hahahahaha words are weird. I could totally be using it wrong but I feel like it's more of a slang word now.

    BTW, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STANLEY! I can't believe he is 3 freaking years old!! Jeez, what have I been doing wrong lately? lol Super cool you have an old fish...hehehe

  2. Debauchery is a favorite over at toastedblog. General debauchery. drunken debauchery, no matter how you swing it, debauchery plays for keeps.

  3. 'Tis one of my favourite words.

  4. I too didn't know the word's true power, and am now going through A LOT of paperwork just to change my son's middle name.

  5. well, i think vh1 and their rock docs did such a bang up job of bastardizing the true definition that i wouldn't think too hard on it.

  6. Stop debaucherizatin' language, fool!