Some Revelations?

In my continued job search, I've become truly interested in working for Non-Profit Organizations. Although they wouldn't be the best-paying jobs, I believe they may be mighty satisfying. As I've stated before, I would like a job where I can help people, some way, somehow.

So, a story: I went to a job fair a couple weeks ago and filled out an application for what I thought was a childcare place (I knew I needed a side job to sustain me). It wasn't a very serious venture for me, just something on the side. Well, the HR lady called me the other day and sent me some info on the place and more forms to fill out (along with scheduling an interview on Thursday).

So I visited the site and read up on the forms, and guess what? This place is not a childcare center. Nope, this is a Non-Profit Organization! That is very interesting...*scratches chin* And yes, I do believe that God reveals certain puzzle pieces in time that you fit together yourself. Maybe this is the field that I should be working in?

This will be an opportunity to see if this is the job for me. If I get the job, I would be starting with a modest job there, but if I like it, I can decide if I want to move on up the ladder!

Everything will be revealed in time.


  1. Since when are sweatshops considered NPOs?

  2. Oh, good luck with that opportunity! Sounds interesting! I have a friend in SD working for a NP with adults. She loves every second of it! Who cares what kind of money you make as long as you are happy with your life and what you do! :) Let me know how it turns out!

  3. I bow to your enthusiasm. I don't think I'd have the patience to work with kids. I am also a very bad cutter-outer and colorer, I can't sing or clap in a rhythm and don't enjoy loud screams and yanks at my skirt-hem. You have my full admiration. Truly. Good luck!!!

  4. I prefer jobs that pay a lot, since I'm kind of a greedy 'ho sometimes.

    More money buys more bacon.