The POSITIVE Thinker

Went to my interview this morning, and it went well. I won't know officially how it all went until they contact me in a week. Whether I end up staying with this job or not, it will still be a great thing to have on my resume, fo shizzle.

What can we say about life? Especially life after college? It's a bit weird navigating myself around. There's all these choices, and all this empty space around. I'm used to the pre-etched out path (a.k.a. school). Now it seems I'm lost in the woods. But it's a good kind of lost. You know, the kind of lost where you learn more about your strengths and survival techniques.

The key to life is THINKING POSITIVE. I am my worst critic, and when my own thoughts start to bring me down (I am human, afterall) I snap myself out of it. It is a daily process, thinking positive. But trusting in da gooooood Lord above and living my life to the best of my abilities is all I can do. It's all any of us can really do.

I do not have plans to be a big executive, or own plots of land or have 20 minions (er, employees) under me. I only can make plans to be a good person.

Anyway, I bought The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch yesterday. It's turning out to be a fast read. I mentioned this professor in a post awhile back because I had seen a news report on him. So I HAD to buy the book. And it all relates back to my goal of remaining positive. I'll tell you what I think when I finish it.

♫ Listening to "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado, cause that's my mood right now.♫


  1. i dont have plans to be a big executive or own plots of land, but thats just where laziness and negativity bring me down. not my fault ... theirs. i will say however that 20 minions ... even 10 ... is quite a tempting offer. :)

    hope everything works out.

  2. It's good to think positive, but it's also good to be realistic about things. If something goes bad, I admit it goes bad to myself. There's no tiptoeing around it at times.

    Nobody likes a pessimist, though.

  3. Best of luck to you in your job search. I know I was having a hard time finding something that I liked when I graduated...in fact, it was so difficult, I went back to school. Gotta' be a professor (like Jidai!)!

  4. raindog--and you would be telling those minions every minute how they don't anything about music, and how you listen to bands that don't even exist yet :)

    scott--true. And believe me, I can be a relaist for sure. But It's about conquering my negative thoughts that consume me.

    anthony--going back to school sounds sooooo good, not gonna lie. What did you do right after college? curious...

  5. Well, I got several offers for jobs I did not want, such as a rental car manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car (sorry, no). It took me about a month to get a job related to what I wanted, and since I knew that I wanted to go to graduate school, but I missed all the deadlines since I was so busy getting my BA, so I had a full year to wait. I ended up working as an instructional aide to a tutoring center in a community college, wherein I got a good year and a half of experience tutoring adults in Spanish, English, and Math. I really loved that job. I have been tutoring for more than 7 years of my life now, mainly kids, and I am tutoring kids now at SCORE educational centers (gah, corporations). I love working with kids, but I am still looking for a job teaching adults.

    You'll find something in a while, I promise; it just takes time to find something you like.

  6. Can I think positive on the inside and still be grumpy on the outside? I'm rather fond of my persona :)

  7. interviewing is stressful. i hope you get the job!!

  8. You're gonna love that book, even if his story is heartbreaking.

  9. Oh that's really great! I hope you get this job! Is my text being too loud?

    That job would be so satisfying!