A Tumultuous Relationship

Sometimes I think seriously about deleting this blog. Maybe start a new one, with a different approach. Or no blog at all. But I can't bring myself to, I've had it for over three years.

And honestly it's great fun going back and reading my old posts, and how different I have become.

It's weird that I still enjoy writing in this thing. It most certainly is an outlet for me. Somehow my mind feels more free and exercised by typing into this little keyboard. It's a strange idea to have friends from all over the country, even different parts of the world (Holla Katrin!). But it's also a kick-ass idea.

And ultimately, this writer likes to share her writing. Whether anyone is reading makes no difference. Just the idea that my words are out there, open for anyone to stumble upon. Maybe that is why I still have this thing.


  1. I just went through a delete in January, with a re-launch in July. Of course I saved the old blog to revisit, but overall I'm happy with the choice. Blogging about the latest trends in Japanese tentacle porn was VERY time consuming anyway.

  2. I like the blog, Ash. As someone who has gone through multiple blogs, I think I regret getting rid of the old ones. Sure, it feels right at the time when a blog is too associated with someone who broke up with you. But those feelings past after awhile. The blog should not have to suffer.

  3. I certainly enjoy reading it.

  4. Don't get rid of it! I'd cry :(

    Now that I've been going for over a year, it's fun to look back and see what I was doing on this date a year ago. God, I was lame in 2007.

  5. Exactly! That's exactly how I feel! That's why we continue to write. It feels good to just get it out there.

    As always, I am proud of you because of your great attitude towards this weblog biz.

  6. enough of this talk. don't make me come back there.

    also, sadly this time around a new cure album is a little less exciting. :/

  7. why is that, raindog? (about the cure, I mean)

  8. oh. don't get me wrong, i am a huge cure fan in all their different forms and sounds, but this one just doesn't feel right. i'll probably buy it because i'm that much of a fan and sleep when i'm dead is an incredible song, but the others feel a little poppy and thin for my tastes. i'm hoping it will grow on me.


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