Pure Magic

Ireland, that is. It's simply magical. It makes you believe that there are fairies and leprechauns frolicking about. I don't know what it is about Ireland, but I do know it ended up being the hidden gem on my trip. I didn't know how much I was gonna love it until I discovered it, sparkling in all its glory.

Cue the photos!!

Can you tell how freakin' windy it was outside?

Colleen and me reenacting the scene from Titanic. haha, oh God.

Ireland in all its glory :)

Yes, the colors really are that vivid!

The little knick-knacks that covered the walls in O'Conner's Pub.

Irish Bartender that worked at the pub, but was actually born in San Diego. "It's a small world after all..."

I thought about God a lot here. How can one not? He was all around this place. Not necessarily in churches...just in the landscape. It was total peace.

Kilmore Abbey.

Isn't it beautiful here?

Inside a Cathedral in Galway. The Irish really embrace this whole 'green is everywhere' idea.


Picture of Galway Bay. Rather stormy out, but still a charming photo.

Happiness is...taking a rest in an Irish field.

Cliffs of Moher...they were ballin'!!

The Cliffs, again...

...and again. Because I LOVED being there :)

So a wrap-up of Ireland: It's super peaceful and SUPER laid-back. The people are hilarious. And genuinely friendly. A couple quotes from some Irish people:

Dirty Raunchy Irish Bus Driver: "Even though there's snow on the roof (pointing to hair), there's still a fire in the grill." and "Are you girls going to have some fun tonight? You know, a couple of one night stands? You know, you sow your wild oats at night, then pray for a crop failure in the morning."

hahaha. I didn't even know what to say in this situation. All I could do was laugh.

Also, an exchange between Colleen and a Tourist Office worker:

Colleen: Do you guys have a mailbox to send post cards in here?

Irish Worker (could have just said no): Oh yes...you know, you just go outside and hand your letter to the pigeons and they'll carry it across the ocean for you.

Hehe. Cheeky buggers. I love the Irish.

My advice to you: GO TO IRELAND!


  1. suddenly i'm wondering where me lucky charms went. :) ... looks like a whole lotta fun. i don't know how i'd fare amongst those cliffs, but i've always wanted to go.

  2. are you afraid of heights?? Well, I am actually, but this was worth it :)

  3. I just hope those cliffs aren't too close to any of the pubs.

  4. Ha, brilliant! Ireland's great, isn't it? I hope you found yourself some Irish boys who whispered sweet nothings that you couldn't understand into your ear all night ;)

    Jax x

  5. Fabulous photos and stories, Ashley! I never had any interest in Europe (how close-minded was I?), but your pictures and descriptions have inspired me to see more of the world! So thanks for sharing. :)


  6. But...but...where is the obligatory Guinness shot??

  7. Simply put...Ireland is the balls. Great stuff Ash!

  8. lol @ God not necessarily being in the churches. :D When I lived there, I found it to be the pinnacle of nominal Christianity. The church scene definitely didn't move me to be close to God. Actually, I didn't find God till, like, 9 years later. :D

  9. I only just noticed this post on your 'featured' tab and reading it makes me so homesick! You know I'm from Ireland but I was living in Galway before I moved to the UAE a year ago! Your pics = home, to me x