Makin' a List

It's a very serene time, the night of Christmas. All this quiet time leaves me a lot of thinking: about my life, about the New Year, about things I want to change and attitudes I want to adopt. Is this your cliche New Year's Resolution List I am about to make? I suppose so...but this is a necessary list for me.

Note: I am not usually a list person, unless I absolutely have to get a lot done; therefore, crossing off what I have accomplished. This is just like that--a to-do list on a bigger, more important scale, in order to cross off what I have accomplished toward becoming a better person.

For 2010:

  1. Seriously attempt to make the move to Turkey for a year.
  2. Let my heart be actually open to love, and let God heal wounds from a couple years ago...ouch! Has it been that long? Yeahhhh.
  3. Volunteer a HECK of a lot more. I'm leaning toward feeding the homeless.
  4. Take down overbearing brick walls I have put around myself that have prevented me from seeing my true potential...walls that have enclosed me within my own thoughts: that I am not good enough. (I know this is a process).
  5. To live more like a child. With no big apprehensions; rather, embracing every new exciting aspect of life, and knowing that the worst of scrapes or falls can always be fixed with a bandaid :)
  6. Pinpointing what job I truly want to pursue. Teaching? Maybe. There are other options in front of me, and some decisions will be made.
  7. Stressing Less!!! By: praying/meditating/reading my bible in the morning and remembering to enjoy the scenery every now and then.
  8. Go to the gym more. haha. No Resolution list is complete without this one.
  9. Push FEAR out of the way. I let fear control far too much of my life.
  10. Smile more. Find time to smile on even the worst of days.
Yes, I do believe those are the big ones. 10 Resolutions for 2010. I'm being especially dorky, aren't I?

"Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music."


  1. Does "living more like a child" involve eating cookies for dinner and still playing with Legos on occasion?

    Because if so, I'm kind of a pro at that one.

  2. Yeah, definitely :)

    Especially if they are Oreos.