Guess I'm Not a Pirate

I always liked ninjas better, anyway.

Ever since my cruise, I've had a case of sea legs. As in, I feel disoriented/dizzy...and it is REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES.

It feels like I've taken a shot or three, and have kept it up all day long. Not. Fun.

It's been making it hard to focus at work, and it's starting to give me headaches. Sooooo, anyone who has been on a cruise: have you experienced this before??

I'm going to the doc tomorrow (I looooooaaaattthhhhe going to the doctor) to see if it's a possible ear infection. I just wanna feel normal!!

I felt this way 2 years ago when I got some virus.

Any suggestions on something that may help?


  1. I'm hoping it'll just subside as you get more accustomed to being on land again. I stayed on a little boat in LA a couple of years ago (yes, my friend I was visiting lived on a little boat barely big enough for one!) and I felt the same way when I got home. It'll subside!

  2. I think it's getting better already...