Instead of going to Turkey for a year, I've been looking into going for just the summer. I've found a few summer internships online that I am looking into further.

More on this later once I have more answers...

I've got some thinking/praying/consideration/contemplation/research to doooo...



  1. I think just for the summer is a good idea, at least to start. IF-- that's what you're still feeling like you should do. If not, it's okay to change your mind (not that you needed my permission or anything!).


  2. Well, it's more that I really really really want a breather from being in SD. And I've always always always wanted to try living in Turkey. haha. So this is a nice compromise. We shall see if it pans out :)

  3. And who knows... a summer can turn into a fall... turn into a winter...

  4. I've been wanting to tell you that I think a summer in Turkey is a really good idea. And that you'd be doing a internship is an even better idea because you'd be doing something there besides being a tourist/visiting family. You'd have to experience Turkey in a way that you've never experienced it before. I think its a good intermediary step before jumping ship (and country) and completely committing to living abroad.

    In short: GO FOR IT!! LD

  5. Wow this is amazing! I'll pray for you that it works out. And that you'll share stories and pictures when you go because I LOVE Turkey :)