MacBook Photo Monday (and a side of High Fidelity)

Thought this would be a fun and colorful addition to dreadful Mondays...and MacBook photos are addicting-ly fun to take. So why not share them on my blog?

Me in different pop-art-inspired colors! YAY! ^

Also, I wanted to share this quote that has been circulating in my head. It's from the book High Fidelity, where Laura tells Rob:

"You just...you just don't do anything. You get lost in your head, and you sit around thinking instead of getting on with something, and most of the time you think rubbish. You always seem to miss what's really happening."

Hmmm...I feel like this is ME. I do this all too often. Well...I am proactive on some things: I wanted to volunteer, so I did it; I wanted to travel last summer, so I did it.

But I can do more. And I need to do more, before my life runs out. haha. Funny thing to say in your 20s, but it's coming from an old soul (I get called that a lot) who realizes that life is gonna fly by faster than I can say "Carpe Diem."


  1. I think we should both get that quote printed on a T-shirt :)

  2. Hey Ashley,

    Sorry to post something not related to your post, but I heard this on the radio and found it fascinating! It's the testimony of Ergun Caner - raised in Turkey and who is now the president of Liberty Theological Seminary. Thought you might like it, too. It's the Focus on the Family broadcast from April 26:



  3. I think it's always going to be like that though. for certain people, aka people like us, we will always want to be doing more. We think a lot. We want to do a lot more. And despite all that we've done in the past, all that we are actively doing now, it will never be enough.

    and I think that's the beauty of human nature. what does it mean when you stop wanting to do something? when you stop dreaming? when you stop setting goals for yourself?

    I'll end this a quote from Tennyson: "we are... strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." <3

  4. ahhhhhh. i love the idea in this one and i can totally relate. and, a high fidelity post! i was beginning to think you had lost the love. :) i actually started a hf-related post based on my favorite (or may favorite after the 'safe as milk' scene) the other night. i'll post that soon.