My Thought Process (While Watching 10 Things)

  • Putting ice on my lower back at the moment, because I hurt it at work. Little kids like to beat me up. ha.
  • Watching 10 Things I Hate About You while administering the ice, which is making me feel better.
  • Missing Heath Ledger. Not just because he was an Australian hottie, but also because he was a damn good actor. Even in teen flicks.
  • Realizing that Joseph Gordon Levitt always was and always will be adorable.
  • Trying to devise a plan to meet said adorable actor. Hmmm...
  • Wishing I could go back to the simplicity of my teen years.
  • Rudely reminding myself that my teen years were anything but simple.
  • Oddly content with staying in tonight and just watching a movie. Or two.
  • Eager to share some news, but wanting to leave it for its own post...
  • Leaving you with that thought, because who doesn't like cliff-hangers?
  • Remembering that it's more fun to give cliff-hangers than to get them. hehehe.


  1. You suck.

    You should watch, "Brick", by the way, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Love that movie.

  2. what's it about?

    I probably will. You had me at Joseph Gordon-Levitt ;)

  3. It's awesome! It's a film noir-esque detective flick in the high school setting. It's full of cool jargon, and terse dialogue. Reminds me of "The Maltese Falcon", except modern. Levitt is getting to be a better actor everyday (getting past that Third Rock from the Sun phase).

    Once you see it, you'll know exactly why it's my kind of movie.

  4. Most definitely, leaving cliff-hangers is a lot more fun than being the one hanging. Sigh. Now I must follow you because I'm curious to find out your big news! ;)

    And 10 Things I Hate About You? AWESOME, AWESOME MOVIE!!

  5. hi steph! Do people call you steph? haha.

  6. I think I know what the news is going to be.


    How's THAT for a cliff-hanger?! :P

    Jax x

  7. i saw it only once or twice, but i remember it well ... mainly because there was a mention of spaghettios and spaghettios are awesome, having daryl mitchell as a teach would be sooo kick *ss and for showing that david krumholtz was weird even in his younger days. ... now, as someone else said it: spill it.