Update on C.A.R.E.

As I walked back to my car after helping Linette (the cancer patient), I had a huge smile on my face and a few tears as well.

Linette is going through Ovarian Cancer and at the same time, going through tons of chemo. She was rail thin, and surprisingly, pretty young--I wanna say in her late 40s.

I did simple everyday things for her that we take for granted, but she is too weak to do herself right now: made her a piece of toast, put on a cup of tea, watered her plants, and helped her clean.

There were definitely certain sights that were hard to witness, stuff that I won't elaborate on; however, I wasn't afraid. Like I said, I prayed about it...and anytime I felt weak (the sight of needles make we wanna pass out sometimes) I just said a quick "HELP ME GOD!" in my head.

Of course, I ended up learning that Linette was the one with vast inner strength, and I admire that about her, as well as her wit and charm. (She kept apologizing for the "stank" and ended up calling me ASH--in all caps cause she said it with gusto!--by the end of an hour).

That's all it took! A measly hour of my time made a big difference for someone else. Of course I told her, "When you are better, let's go to church!" And I truly feel optimistic that she will get better. But the frightful truth of this ministry is that some of the patients I meet are going to pass away.

That's not what I need to be concerned about. A life consumed with worry about death is no life at all, even when one feels they are close to death. I think most of you have experienced this--that when you are around death, that is when you appreciate life the very most. I know Linette is appreciating every second that she still has to live hers.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing how this went, I was thinking about you this week. I loved this post - a reminder to everyone reading not to take anything for granted, and how much of a difference an hour of your tmie can make for somebody else. I'm thankful for people like you as I know people like Linette, and people like my own grandma rely on them. I hope she gets better so you can go to church together! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing what you're doing! That's awesome that you're serving in this way and making an impact in these patients' lives. Major props, Ash. :)

  3. Ashley, you are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing that. I will continue to pray for you and all the ways that God is leading and blessing you.


  4. You always make people feel better. You had fears starting this work, but you find good in all people very easily. That's your talent.