Puppets and Playthings

I opened myself up

careful not to tear all the masking tape

and rapidly-sewn stitches

I clumsily used to put myself together

last time I fell apart

Guess we all live in a factory

churning out dolls upon dolls of each gender

perfect smirks painted on

complimenting airbrushed rosy cheeks

But my blush was genuine

Guess you didn’t know

and decided to trade me

for another doll on the conveyor belt

You’ve grown to know the fabricated anyway

Fluff lies where your spine used to be

a beating heart, replaced with filler

button up your back, so no one can tell

It’s hard to be the real thing

living on a shelf, pretending to fit in

with all the other puppets and playthings

when all I want is an authentic life, and an authentic love.


  1. I haven't been online to blog for a while, so I will start with this post. I've read it once, so give me a chance to read it again, and I'll move my way on up reading.

    On first impression, you have rhythm going on in here that I appreciate. More on analysis of the meanings later.

  2. Okay, I liked that you added for both gender in that first stanza (I do appreciate that. You know it works both ways). The metaphor is strong and obvious, but I like the line on fluff. Very interesting.

    The fourth stanza is my favorite. There seems to be alot going on with "the fabricated", and the fluff that lies where the addressed person's spine once was. I really enjoy the deep meaning that makes it seem more personal.

    It's a good thing to run with an extended metaphor sometimes, and I enjoyed alot of your imagery. Suggested titles could be useful, such as "The fabricated". I like the way you used it. A very dark poem for you, but also very honest.