Day 11 - Post one of the oldest pictures you have in your Picture folders


Old sorority days...I think that explains A LOT. We're all annoyingly wearing the same green top because this is a Rush event. Sororities are notorious for: matching outfits, matching colors, even matching eye shadow! I'm only 19 in this picture, and pretty baby-ish. You gotta love looking at old photos because a plethora of old memories comes up!

Alright, alright....now let me show something more modern, please. I give you Robyn's new single off her second album in 2010 (she'll release 3, that saucy minx):

Robyn - Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.


  1. Wow. I didn't now Robyn was still around. ha ha. I love old pictures. You are a babe!


  2. Aw, you are too cute Ash! Love it. I can't quite get over that you were in a sorority - it's so Amurikan!

    Jax x

  3. Ashley! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Re: your question ... I sent my clothes and stuff over separately - although it takes about a few months to get there, depending on where you are shipping from ... so make sure you have ebnough clothes with you to hold you over until your stuff arrives.

    My husband is actually very good at this shipping stuff, if you want any recs on sending your stuff, please email me and I can ask him his advice!