Day 12 - A black and white photo

This is an old pic of me and my friend Kendal. But I don't call her Kendal; instead, I call her "Zero." And she calls me "Zero," too. Zero Sr. and Zero Jr., to be exact. And that is what we are attempting to make with our hands.

Many people are confused by this nickname, assuming that we are insulting each other somehow. But I love this girl, and know this: "Zeros are better than Heroes," and MAYBE you should watch a little (horribly done, but horribly fun) film by the name of Earth Girls Are Easy to truly understand the name.

Yep, I'll leave it at that.

P.S. I just LOVE black and white photos!


  1. i love b&w too! i have to constrain myself to not turn every photo in to that :)i like the zero nickname!

  2. I ADORE black and white. Especially from true black and white film (remember film!) instead of just desaturating digitals - there's something magical about them! Great shot!