Day 13 - A picture from last summer

Wow, I am just breezin' through the end of the challenge...

Can I just say that happiness is laying in a field in Ireland? Oh yes yes yes it is! That is why I am wearing a hat, scarf and jacket in this "summer" picture...it was freezing! But I was perfectly content. This is not a manufactured, drunk, or forced smile on my face. This, my friends, is the smile of a wanderluster in the midst of traveling; which, I have realized is my ultimate passion/drug/obsession, or however you want to classify it. By the way, this picture was taken after a successful frolic session in the Irish pastures. ahhhhhh....

This is one of my favorite summer pictures EVER.


  1. i will have tea cups waiting! and look at you on day 13! woo!

  2. Aw, I love it. Memories, Ash! Ireland is gorgeous, I need to get back there soon, visit my buddy in Dublin!

    Jax x