Favorite Thing Thursday: Hot Adam!

I've been in a Maroon 5 mood ever since the concert, and it's really hard to ignore the frontman (especially when he points at you...I still can't forget about that!).

Is it really pathetic to have a school girl crush when you're 25? Wait, don't answer. Although I have a very mature side, this is my very immature side. But I don't care. LOOK AT THAT HUNK-A-BURNING LOVE!

Why I swoon over Adam Levine:
  • that unusual, pierce-your-ears, soulful voice.
  • the way he handles his microphone. That is not an innuendo you DIRTY thinkers!
  • he's brooding, like Marlon Brando. Gotta love those ones.
  • his sexual prowess on stage...watching him is...um, an experience.
  • his simple-and-truthful song writing...he says what he means and means what he says.

To finish, I found this clip of a show I would have sold my left kidney to go to. But really. I died when I saw this. JT and Adam Levine on one stage??? I can't take the sexiness!!!!! HOT-BOY OVERLOAD...cannot...write...anymore...go to clip!

Alright alright alright...I'm done with being 14 for the moment. But Adam Levine, you are the sexiest pointer EVER.


  1. I LOVE and completely agree with this post.

    How fabulous! I remember, I fell for his voice at one point too. I remember the days when I watched an entire SNL episode, just because he was performing in it!


  2. I remember going weak at the knees when he came on stage at the Brixton Academy in London.
    He's uber hot!

  3. Ummm...whoa. the video, I def can't take it either, JT is my boyfriend. i wonder if they surprised the crowd???/ kind of like when i saw rihanna and chris brown showed up! whoa! that was pre-ending of his career tho

  4. Yeah, I totally think JT surprised the crowd. I wouldn't be able to handle that! haha.

  5. Oh yeah, a Maroon 5 / JT concert! I would definitely get tickets for that!

    I still love that I can say I got to see Maroon 5 at Canes before they blew up. :) (And before Adam got all tattooed.)

  6. Haha, you're crazy Ashely! I definitely remember that one Maroon 5 album being a defining background to Spring 2004 though!

    P.S. Raquel's blog is http://blacksheepr.blogspot.com

    There is a link on her name in my blog, but for some reason the colour of the link is almost the same as the colour of the text so it's hard to tell. Will have to fix that..

  7. Wow, I forgot how good looking he is. Thanks for reminding me. :)

  8. every body should have a child/immature side!! it's right and "healthy" to have it! :)
    very cute post !