Favorite Thing Thursday: Making the World My Karaoke Stage

Let me preface this post with this one fact: I really can't sing worth a damn. Right, so now that we have that squared away, let me continue...

I BLOODY LOVE SINGING IN PUBLIC! (don't know why I feel like being British today...maybe it's because I'm secretly in love with Jax). I don't necessarily need to sing on a karaoke stage. My theory: why not make the world your stage? Here is a compiled list of places I have sang outloud, in public:
  • in a Target with my good friend whom I call my Zero. We belted out "Me and Mrs. Jones" to a group of onlookers in the movie section. It was fantastic.

  • in an art museum...hey, it was the art's fault. There was a Toulouse Lautrec exhibition, so of course an assortment of Moulin Rouge songs popped into my head. I think it made the art experience more authentic for the other museum-goers. No?

  • In any bar where beer, a juke box and an unlimited selection of Michael Jackson tunes are involved.

  • Walking around London with a group of friends...it was such a magical moment in where a street musician was playing "My Favorite Things" on his accordion and we all sort of joined in. Oh wait. I have a video of this one. mwahahaha! Lookie for yourself:

Oh, and the hot asian in the video, that's Jax. Understand my crush? haha.

I need to stop the lesbian jokes on here!!!!

I digress...

Bottom line: I love being in real-life musicals. That's what it comes down to. Despite not liking too much attention on myself, I'm perfectly fine with singing in front of random strangers. For some odd reason, it brings joy to my heart; thus, making it a favorite thing. No pun intended!!

Now if only we could get the whole 'breaking into synchronized dance while singing' down, my real-life musical dreams will be reached!


  1. Funny you should post this today, since I just wrote about musical theatre!

  2. LOL I want to see footage of you karaokeing!! Or maybe we should organise an internet karaoke-off... :)

  3. you know...there is footage of me karaokeing. haha. We'll see if I post it :)

    But if we ever meet in person, em, we're going to karaoke! It's settled!!

  4. Singing and dancing in public is ace! (just to continue with the britishness)!

  5. if i sang in public in hong kong...i'll be on youtube soon, and not in a good way heheheh

  6. If you get wind of plans to "spontaneously" break into a group song and dance number somewhere, you let me know. I would love to be in a musical flash-mob someday too. :)

  7. I have this Friday morning playlist. It plays without fail every Friday morning on my way to work. My Favorite Things is track 2. OF course, it's the John Coltrane version. No singing involved. It plays right after Ice Cube's It Was A Good Day. Yeah, you can call me Michael Bolton.

  8. that's pretty awesome. i like to randomly sing, unfortunately more often than not, i'm singing alone. at least you have a group singing with you. :)

  9. I was SURE I commented on this the other day! Maybe I forgot to actually hit 'post'...

    I love that you put this video up. Definitely one of the top ten things that happened in my life, as are you ;) You're one of MY favourite things! Love you!

    Your Oven GF xxx