Part Three: Alaçatı, Turkey

Alaçatı was very close to Çeşme and reminded me a little of Greece from the village-y, stone feel of the whole place (not that I've been to Greece).

This place had lots and lots of charm. So instead of telling you about it, I'll shut up and just show you now:


Colorful doors might be my favorite :)


Cute spaces filled with bright colors and rustic touches.

More shots of the village...

Bazaars!! I love all the extremely fresh produce I found in this place :)

Turkey is famous for nuts and dried fruits.

Hey what's up Mr. Cock-a-doodle-doo?



Don't know why I was so drawn to this table, but I feel as though I could spend hours there drinking many cups of delicious Turkish tea (right up there with English tea).

Basically, Alaçatı was just plain adorable. I saw old village women in worn dresses with scarves tied around their heads, carrying their groceries as they navigated their way around the cobblestone streets, and I felt as though I was walking in a past time. I liked the simplicity of this place, as if technology hasn't reached the bright doorsteps; however, I hope it stays that way--simple and pure.


  1. do all of the pictures have blue in them to match your blog on purpose??? i love it, haha! they are really fun pictures though, i love seeing what you were up to!

  2. ohhh gorgeous photos! I am a big sucker for blue and whites! :D

  3. Beautiful! And Greece was my first thought as well (though I haven't been there either).

  4. This is gorgeous! Obviously someone (me) needs to travel more.

  5. These pictures are amazing, Ashley! Wow. Love it...and I also love the way it looks like it's stuck in the past, but in a good way. :)

  6. You lucky girl! I love how colorful everything over there is

  7. I just "next-blogged" my way to your blog and I just had to comment because I have such a love affair with Turkey. I've visited twice, the first time for 5 weeks in 2000 and then for 10 days in 2008. There's no place like it! I love reading about your experiences and seeing the pictures.

  8. We will have a big party to welcome Surf Season in Alacati this Saturday. wish you were here!

  9. You're right, it DOES look similar to Malta!