The Avoidance of Black Holes, and the Realization of Space (or a more clever title)

I was reading a story the other day about black holes, and other stellar occurences beyond our little atmosphere. It's funny, I often forget about the existence of space and the vastness of the universe.

On this planet, the littlest things can stress me out. But when I read stories on the UNIVERSE, I'm reminded on just how little they are, and how little I am.

We create amusing little societies, don't we? We put unrealistic timelines on ourselves, and succumb to pressures created by...whom exactly? College, job, marriage, family...and why did I write it in that order? Because I've been brainwashed to believe in that order. Everything must be within the lines--clean perimeters created by white picket fences. The American ideal. Is that my ideal?

It all seems to become a blackhole of its own.

And so I think. I think about the greatness of outer space, which forces me to think about my space, and how I am occupying it.

I may be little, but I am still a part of the whole.


  1. Such great writing and so right! I am there, putting timelines on myself.

  2. Bah. Don't talk to me about timelines. Double bah. But yes, I absolutely agree; everything that we stress about in minutaie in universal terms. Although I still think that human issues are important. Been feeling the timeline pressures again? Just ignorrrre society. Anyway, you're younger than me and I don't even have a job. ; D

  3. i love your attitude because mine is the same. isn't just the thought of the every growing expansion absolutely humbling? how can so many get so lost on this tiny rock? my blog features a very similar article about space. you should check it out. but thanks for sharing and spread the word of our tiny and fragile existence. haha


  4. Wow, I love this post! It's worded perfectly :) I was actually just thinking about this yesterday, how our problems seem to small compared to the vastness of the universe.

    The last line is perfection.

  5. Emily--I'm not feeling too much pressure. But there are people that have been putting pressure on me in the last month. It got me thinking, what's the BIG DEAL here??? And can we please just calm the f*** down??

  6. isn't it amazing? Sadly, it's WAY too easy to succumb to those lines and parameters and guidelines. HOW FRUSTRATING!