Why I'm a Man

My roommate and I decided last night that in a past life we were men.

The reasons are five-fold:

  • We're more laid-back than other chicks.
  • We have lived in our apartment for a month and haven't decorated.
  • If we could grow facial hair, we decided that we totally would.
  • We have yet to buy more toilet paper after running out a couple days ago, but we're not super bothered by this fact. Wait, that's disgusting...WE'RE TOTALLY DUDES.
  • She and I are usually both single. No attachments! Ahhh...eternal bachelors...

***Dear readers, please don't think that I have bad hygiene. Ok thanks :)


  1. bahah. eeeew. i totally think you have bad hygiene now.
    but maybe i'm a man too. i'd rather hang out with boys than girls anyway. there is so much less drama (usually) with them.

    and ASHLEY!! stop what you are doing and go watch 30Rock NOOOOW. trust me. it will change your life.

  2. we just know how to improvise! Which makes us macgyver...which still makes us men :)

  3. Dude. I am such a boy, it's even got to the point where guys have said to me, 'you're a bit of a tom boy, aren't you?'. I look really feminine when you meet me but when you get to know me you realise I am a total lad.

    I dunno, it's just easier and more relaxed, no?

    Brah. Sweet.


  4. Get back to me when you've eaten something you found on your couch. Without knowing what it was. Then you've crossed over.

  5. Haha, I'm fully with you on #1 and 2. ; ) Not so much about the facial hair... though maybe that's because I have facial hair left to my own devices. So I guess I'm a dude too, hehe.

  6. That is hilarious. And don't worry, I'm not judging you. :)

  7. I am not a man, I am a chick, then, because I cannot improvise toilet paper.


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