My Perfect Saturday

Ahhhh. You know when you just have one of those great days? As if your lungs have expanded because you've been breathing in life?

Saturday was one of those days. It was a day where we did nothing more but shoot the breeze, take lots of frivolous photos and celebrate Lucille Ball's 100th birthday with some red lips painted on our faces (might as well have painted a constant smile on mine).

Oh wait, you wanna see the photos? Oh okay. Be warned, I said frivolous for a reason...

Picnik collage
My chip is bigger than Lainey's; Ummm...flexibility much?; Christian feeding me gelato, and me totally hamming up this picture.

The silliest pictures were a result of us waiting for our friend's salon appointment to finish. When you combine a sunny day, a sense of humor, and a camera, this is what you get:

Notice Christian acting very sneaky...the progression of these shots cracks me up...
Where are your hands going, Christian?

After our scandalous photo shoot (there are more dorky photos I refuse to show), we decided to wander over to a cafe, naturally. Good thing we were in Little Italy and I was in the mood for a cappuccino.




I was loving the indulgence. Can't wait to one day indulge in real Italy.

We returned to the salon to find that our friend was finally finished. That's when Shakira came on the salon's radio. When Shakira plays, you can do one of two things: 1. Pretend that you are nonchalant and sit in your chair, or 2. Let the beat take you over and have a dance party.

We chose the later.

Bethany and I are actually shimmying here. The only way to tell is to look at my key necklace.

Sadie, the hairdresser, teaching the girls how to shake their hips.

I love it when I capture candids when no one realizes ;)

Dancing in salons works up an appetite, so next we devoured a meal in the heart of Old Town. Afterwards, I stumbled upon a divine sign:

How convenient! I've been looking for those.

No, you dork. Not imaginary swords, there are real ones if you follow the arrow!

The sword shop had every sword imaginable, and even some weapons I'm pretty sure are illegal in the U.S.; maybe that's why I wasn't allowed to take photos...hmmm...

We ended this perfect day with a I Love Lucy marathon, and I was complete. It was all a reminder that it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing; rather, it's completely about who you're with.

So won't you join me next time?


  1. Looks like a fun day. :) Little Italy is on my short list of areas I'm looking to buy... (though more of a long-shot)...

  2. That sounds like the best day ever! The photos are so fun, and I love that you had a little dance party in the salon :)

  3. lovely shotsssss...and gosh, you guys are so flexible!

  4. Sounds perfect! I love those days... and can't even remember the last time I had one (no friends close by). Also, I love that capuccino mug... like a little bowl of happiness!

  5. I LOVE that sign. So so much. I think it was targeted to people like me! :)

    Great photos! I love your dress!!

  6. I'm coming along on your next Saturday, mmkay? These pictures are so fun!

  7. I have to admit, I like Shakira's voice and her music. It's her lyrics I can't stand - so unfortunately she's not really a part of my life. HOWEVER, I would totally have a dance party in a salon if she came on the radio and I was with the right people. She's kinda like MJ that way. You just HAVE to move, your body can't help it. :)


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