Music Challenge, Day 18: A Song That You Wish You Heard On the Radio


I picked this little fembot powerhouse dragon slayer (all appropriate words to describe her) because she'd do quite well on the radio. But for some odd reason, she's not getting played. Makes me question what exactly drives the top 40 to the top 40. Hmmm...

But I digress.

If you're in a dancing mood, play a few of these tracks, and you will be transported to another dimension. Just wear some kind of protection (like armor), this little Swede packs a major punch.

Some of my favorites, accompanied by favorite lyrics from the song:

1. Hang With Me

"But don't fall recklessly, headlessly in love with me, cause it's gonna be/ all heartbreak, blissfully painful and insanity, if we agree...you can hang with me."

2. Indestructible (this video is NOT very suitable for work!)

"And I never was smart with love/ I let the bad ones in and the good ones go..."

3. Call Your Girlfriend

"You tell her that the only way her heart will mend is when she learns to love again/ and it won't make sense right now, but you're still her friend."

4. Be Mine

"There's a moment to seize/ every time that we meet/ but you always keep passing me by/ No, you never were and never will be mine."

Oh, and did I mention that Robyn held my hand when I went to see her in concert? Yeah. I'm special.

The Challenge so far:

day 08 - a song that you know all the words to


  1. I love Call Your Girlfriend! I think of you when I hear it on the radio :)

  2. haha yay, I love that you think of me when hearing Robyn. And I will think of you when hearing that dude that sings Robot Heart ;D

  3. Call Your Girlfriend is actually pretty awesome. I didn't know what to think of this until I saw her fist dancing. Is this 80's, or retro '80's? I love her performance art/dance.


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