Music Challenge, Day 14: A Song That Nobody Would Expect You to Love

I don't just love this song in a "haha, that's funny to listen to as a joke" kind of way.


I actually love this song. Because the truth is, nobody can touch the smoothness of Mr. Gaye's voice.

So come on now, suga...dim the lights, grab a glass of cab, and sing the lyrics with me...


  1. i love this song. it used to be my ringtone. i'm putting on the marriage mix i'm making for all my friends for their wedding night.

    and i agree, it's crazy having one of your best friends get engaged. it's even weirder when it's your best friend/sister. aaahhh!!

  2. you know who it is...10:27 AM, June 21, 2011

    ooooh la la! i'm learning so much about you :)

  3. Great choice. You've got to admit, Barry did do a good job with this song, but you're right ... you can't touch his voice ... but you know the love I've got for Stevie, soooo. :) Actually I was wondering when Marvin would make an appearance in your list. I knew he had to. And he will be in mine. I'm thinking you'll either see 'What's Goin On' or 'Mercy Mercy Me'.

  4. "What's Goin On" was my first choice too...I'm a Marvin-a-holic!!!

    Barry oddly did do a great job with this song. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and maybe even screamed a little when I heard the first chords :D